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All About Dorsi (Well, kind of…) May 5, 2008

People often ask Dorsi where her name came from – well it’s a loooong story so you’ll have to read her book to find that one out! They also want to know how she got the nickname “The Artist Chick” but that one’s pretty easy to figure out- just take a look at some of her gallery work and you’ll see why!

To see her latest slideshow of work in Adobe Illustrator you can view her artwork here: 

(if you are not already a member you will need to sign up- don’t worry- you won’t get spammed) You can also read the first 2 chapters of her book there: Dorsi: A Story Of Redemption.

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area during the tumutuous 60’s and 70’s, Dorsi was lucky to have supportive role models to help her realize her dream of becoming an artist and a writer. (Yes and that kind of tells you how long she has been around!)
If you live in the Silicon Valley chances are you may have come across my popular column “Around The Monument” published by the ANG Newspaper Group. My stint as a community columnist lasted for over 5 years with the Fremont Bulletin and now I’m here blogging and writing articles over at the HubPages here:  

My style is conversational, and the right side of my brain works overtime so you never know what I’ll write about!

Dorsi’s many interests include Business, Social Networking and Marketing,Gardening, Advertising, Craigslist, Border Collies, the Sign Industry, Children and Adults with Bipolar Depression and ADHD, Conspiracy Theories, Art, Climate and Political Change.

Feel free to leave me feedback I’m really a very friendly person and my hope is that you can take something away from one of my articles that will help you navigate this crazy maze we call life!


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